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The concept of merger and acquisition in India was not popular until the year 1988. During that period a very small percentage of businesses in the country used to come together, mostly into a friendly acquisition with a negotiated deal. The key factor contributing to fewer companies involved in the merger is the regulatory and prohibitory provisions of MRTP Act, 1969. According to this Act, a company or a firm has to follow a pressurized and burdensome procedure to get approval for merger and acquisitions.

The year 1988 witnessed one of the oldest business acquisitions or company mergers in India. It is the well-known ineffective unfriendly takeover bid by Swaraj Paul to overpower DCM Ltd. and Escorts Ltd. Further to that many other Non-Residents Indians had put in their efforts to take control over various companies through their stock exchange portfolio.

Volume is tremendously increasing with an estimated deal of worth more than $ 100 billions in the year 2007. This is known to be two times more than that of 2006 and four times more than that of the deal in 2006. Further to that, the percentage is continuously increasing with high end success in business operations.

As for mow the scenario has completely changed with increasing competition and globalization of business. It is believed that at present India has now emerged as one of the top countries entering into merger and acquisitions.


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