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Mergers & Acquisitions have become a common strategy to consolidate business. The basic aim is to reduce cost, reap the benefits of economies of scale and at the same time expand market share. For many people, mergers simply mean sharing resources and costs to increase bottomlines. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. According to statistical reports, more than 64% of the times the mergers fail to accomplish the promised results. They suffer from a decline in the shareholders' wealth and conflicts in management. Therefore, a success of any merger initiative primarily depends upon the objective behind the need for a merger.

Following globalization, many small organizations hastily got into mergers to stand against highly-competitive, large scale multinational corporations. They took mergers as a protective strategy to save their business from being perished in the newly created dynamic environment. Unfortunately, in many cases, it did not work due to lack of proper planning and implementation of the planned merger. Moreover, the high costs of business consolidation (professional fees of bankers, lawyers, advisors, paperwork, etc.) could not be covered by the combined revenue of the merged organization leading to its failure.

Another reason for an unsuccessful merger is the lack of efficient management to unite different organizational cultures. The most challenging task is to bring together people and make them work as a team. Establishing a new organizational structure that fits all the employees is also difficult. Hence, many fearing retrenchment resign leading to a complete break-down at the operational level.


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