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Merger and acquisition process is the most challenging and most critical one when it comes to corporate restructuring. One wrong decision or one wrong move can actually reverse the effects in an unimaginable manner. It should certainly be followed in a way that a company can gain maximum benefits with the deal.

Following are some of the important steps in the M&A process:

Business Valuation
Business valuation or assessment is the first process of merger and acquisition. This step includes examination and evaluation of both the present and future market value of the target company. A thorough research is done on the history of the company with regards to capital gains, organizational structure, market share, distribution channel, corporate culture, specific business strengths, and credibility in the market. There are many other aspects that should be considered to ensure if a proposed company is right or not for a successful merger.

Proposal Phase
Proposal phase is a phase in which the company sends a proposal for a merger or an acquisition with complete details of the deal including the strategies, amount, and the commitments. Most of the time, this proposal is send through a non-binding offer document.

Planning Exit
When any company decides to sell its operations, it has to undergo the stage of exit planning. The company has to take firm decision as to when and how to make the exit in an organized and profitable manner. In the process the management has to evaluate all financial and other business issues like taking a decision of full sale or partial sale along with evaluating on various options of reinvestments.

Structuring Business Deal
After finalizing the merger and the exit plans, the new entity or the take over company has to take initiatives for marketing and create innovative strategies to enhance business and its credibility. The entire phase emphasize on structuring of the business deal.

Stage of Integration
This stage includes both the company coming together with their own parameters. It includes the entire process of preparing the document, signing the agreement, and negotiating the deal. It also defines the parameters of the future relationship between the two.

Operating the Venture
After signing the agreement and entering into the venture, it is equally important to operate the venture. This operation is attributed to meet the said and pre-defined expectations of all the companies involved in the process. The M&A transaction after the deal include all the essential measures and activities that work to fulfill the requirements and desires of the companies involved.


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