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Global M&A is one of the most happening and fundamental element of corporate strategy in today's world. Many companies around the world have merged with each other with a motive to expand their businesses and enhance revenue.

In the span of few years there are many companies coming together for betterment across the globe. Recent mergers and acquisitions 2011 are Lipton Rosen & Katz in New York, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP in New York, Slaughter & May in London, Mallesons Stephen Jaques in Sydney, and Osler Hoskin & Harcourt LLP in Toronto.

Even in India merger and acquisition has become a fashion today with a cut throat competition in the international market. There are domestic deals like Penta homes acquiring Agro Dutch Industries, ACC taking over Encore Cement and Addictive, Dalmia Cement acquiring Orissa Cement, Edelweiss Capital acquiring Anagram Capital. All these are recent merger and acquisition 2010 valued at about USD 2.16 billion.

Apart from these there are other successful mergers in India as follows:

  • Tata Chemicals took over British salt based in UK with a deal of US $ 13 billion. This is one of the most successful recent mergers and acquisitions 2010 that made Tata even more powerful with a strong access to British Salt's facilities that are known to produce about 800,000 tons of pure white salt annually.
  • Merger of Reliance Power and Reliance Natural Resources with a deal of US $11 billion is another biggest deal in the Indian industry. This merger between the two made it convenient and easy for the Reliance power to handle all its power projects as it now enjoys easy availability of natural gas.
  • Airtel acquired Zain in Africa with an amount of US $ 10.7 billion to set new benchmarks in the telecom industry. Zain is known to be the third largest player in Africa and being acquired by Airtel it is deliberately increasing its base in the international market.
  • ICICI Bank's acquisition of Bank of Rajasthan at aout Rs 3000 Crore is a greta move by ICICI to enhance its market share across the Indian boundaries especially in northern and western regions.
  • Fortis Healthcare acquired Hong Kong's Quality Healthcare Asia Ltd for around Rs 882 Crore and is now on move to acquire the largest dental service provider in Australia, the Dental Corp at about Rs 450 Crore.


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