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Mergers and acquisitions is a team of skilled, talented, and experienced industry professionals which revolutionizes corporate strategies and set new benchmarks in the business world.

With our team of qualified professionals we offer a cost-efficient and dynamic solution to your needs and requirements with regards to merger and acquisitions. We take care of all the stages in the process starting from business valuation to operating the venture. Whether it is acquiring a new business, disposing off your business, merging with another company, structuring new entities, initiating joint ventures, or any kind of amalgamation of companies, our team is committed to offer a supportive hand during all the stages. With an assurance of smooth transactions and focus on optimized benefits, we offer value added solutions to all deals.

The prime objective of our company is to create a niche of core competencies and improve transform the organizational culture to a better and improved form. We design and develop systems in accordance to the changing face of business across all industrial sectors. In our services and in our philosophies we keep ourselves aligned to the changing scenario.

We at Mergers and acquisitions are committed to extend our relationship with clients beyond the professional horizons to provide them high level of satisfaction and assurance.

Mr. Ajay Gehi

Mr. Ajay Gehi has a vast span of corporate work experience in the field of business consulting. Armed with an MBA from a formidable institute along-with Cost and Management Accountancy and Corporate Laws, he has been an excellent presenter of facts and figures.

His focus is centered around small and mid-sized companies, often too small for serious attention by traditional investment banking firms, yet require sophisticated, senior management expertise to grow quickly as they seek to broaden into new markets or to focus on their core opportunities through acquisition, divestiture or corporate alliances.

Ms. Sunita D'Souza (MFM, M.COM)

Sunita D'Souza is an MBA graduate from the field of Finance, and has a vast span of corporate work experience. With her exhaustive know-how in the field of Working Capital Management, Foreign Exchange Management and overall experience in Corporate Finance, she serves as an important catalyst between the client and the group

Mr. Shekhar Deshpande (MFM, B.COM)

Mr. Shekhar Deshpande, an MBA Finance having experience of more than 15 years in the filed of Corporate Finance, Accounting, Banking and Treasury management

Mr. Prashant Pitale (MFM, B.COM)

Mr. Prashant Pitale is an MBA in Finance, having more than 15years of experience in corporate Budgeting and Controlling, Taxation, System developments and expertise in MIS Reporting.

Mr. Manish Solanki (MFM, B.COM)

Mr. Manish Solanki, an MBA Finance having more than 8 years of experience in Banking and Finance in the filed of Auditing and Accounting, Foreign exchange, trade finance, risk management and banking operations.


Contact Mr Ajay Gehi

Call : +91-9987037761 / Email : gehiajay@gmail.com
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