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Merger and acquisition has become the most prominent process in the corporate world. The key factor contributing to the explosion of this innovative form of restructuring is the massive number of advantages it offers to the business world.

Following are some of the known advantages of merger and acquisition:

  • The very first advantage of M&A is synergy that offers a surplus power that enables enhanced performance and cost efficiency. When two or more companies get together and are supported by each other, the resulting business is sure to gain tremendous profit in terms of financial gains and work performance.
  • Cost efficiency is another beneficial aspect of merger and acquisition. This is because any kind of merger actually improves the purchasing power as there is more negotiation with bulk orders. Apart from that staff reduction also helps a great deal in cutting cost and increasing profit margins of the company. Apart from this increase in volume of production results in reduced cost of production per unit that eventually leads to raised economies of scale.
  • With a merger it is easy to maintain the competitive edge because there are many issues and strategies that can e well understood and acquired by combining the resources and talents of two or more companies.
  • A combination of two companies or two businesses certainly enhances and strengthens the business network by improving market reach. This offers new sales opportunities and new areas to explore the possibility of their business.
  • With all these benefits, a merger and acquisition deal increases the market power of the company which in turn limits the severity of the tough market competition. This enables the merged firm to take advantage of hi-tech technological advancement against obsolescence and price wars.

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