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India in the recent years has showed tremendous growth in the M&A deal. It has been actively playing in all industrial sectors. It is widely spreading far across the stretches of all industrial verticals and on all business platforms. The increasing volume is witnessed in various sectors like that of finance, pharmaceuticals, telecom, FMCG, industrial development, automotives and metals.

The volume of M&A transactions in India has apparently increased to about 67.2 billion USD in 2010 from 21.3 billion USD in 2009. At present the industry is witnessing a whopping 270% increase in M&A deal in the first quarter of the financial year. This increasing percentage is mainly attributed to the increasing cross-border M&A transactions. Over that increasing interest of foreign companies in Indian companies has given a tremendous push to such transactions.

Large Indian companies are going through a phase of growth as all are exploring growth potential in foreign markets and on the other end even international companies is targeting Indian companies for growth and expansion. Some of the major factors resulting in this sudden growth of merger and acquisition deal in India are favorable government policies, excess of capital flow, economic stability, corporate investments, and dynamic attitude of Indian companies.

The recent merger and acquisition 2011 made by Indian companies worldwide are those of Tata Steel acquiring Corus Group plc, UK based company with a deal of US $12,000 million and Hindalco acquiring Novelis from Canada for US $6,000 million.

With these major mergers and many more on the annual chart, M&A services India is taking a revolutionary form. Creating a niche on all platforms of corporate businesses, merger and acquisition in India is constantly rising with edge over competition.


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