Difference Between Merger and Acquisition

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Merger and acquisition is often known to be a single terminology defined as a process of combining two or more companies together. The fact remains that the so-called single terminologies are different terms used under different situations. Though there is a thin line difference between the two but the impact of the kind of completely different in both the cases.

Merger is considered to be a process when two or more companies come together to expand their business operations. In such a case the deal gets finalized on friendly terms and both the companies share equal profits in the newly created entity.

When one company takes over the other and rules all its business operations, it is known as acquisitions. In this process of restructuring, one company overpowers the other company and the decision is mainly taken during downturns in economy or during declining profit margins. Among the two, the one that is financially stronger and bigger in all ways establishes it power. The combined operations then run under the name of the powerful entity who also takes over the existing stocks of the other company.

Another difference is, in an acquisition usually two companies of different sizes come together to combat the challenges of downturn and in a merger two companies of same size combine to increase their strength and financial gains along with breaking the trade barriers. A deal in case of an acquisition is often done in an unfriendly manner, it is more or less a forceful or a helpless association where the powerful company either swallows the operation or a company in loss is forced to sell its entity. In case of a merger there is a friendly association where both the partners hold the same percentage of ownership and equal profit share.


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